LENNART GINMAN releases third single from new album with Maggie Björklund and Steen Rock

Listen to LENNART GINMANs new single ‘Low’ HERE
The Danish-Finnish double bass player, composer and producer Lennart Ginman will release his new  instrumental album ‘360’ on September 8th 2023 and thereby adds yet another chapter to his extensive career. So far, two singles have been shared, and today sees the release of the third single, the wondrously beautiful and bubbly ‘Low’.

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And also, listen to LENNART GINMAN’s single ‘She’ HERE

The music on ‘360’ is unmistakable Lennart Ginman with its melancholic and cinematic tone in a natural cross field of jazz and electronic music. Furthermore, the album unfolds a new side of Ginman’s explorative musicality in its use of FM-synthesis, a specific approach to creation of sound and not least, a cooperation with two of Denmark’s most exciting musicians. The ten tracks on ‘360’ are created in close cooperation with Maggie Björklund (pedal steel guitar), Steen Rock (DJ/Percussion), producer Kæv Gliemann and visual artist Teddy Kristiansen – a constellation, which provides Ginman’s new compositions with a singular expression.

Ginman wanted to create an album showing his a “complete musician” without the division between his electronic side and jazz side – thus the title ‘360’, which aims at verbalizing the wholeness of Ginman’s musicality. The music was to build a bridge between the repetitive tightness and rigor of the machine and the total openness of form in jazz. As always with Ginman, the dark, melancholic tone prevails, while the compositions with their minimalist touch leave room for interpretation. Opposites meet on the album which embraces the beautiful, the disturbing and the majestic and in Ginman’s own words creates “a music for all, but not for everyone”

Lennart Ginman: Double bass, elektronics, Digitone & keyboards

Maggie Björklund: Pedal steel guitar

Steen Rock: Drum machines, fxs & scratch




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