I just got back from playing concerts in Norway and Denmark with Sinne Eeg Group. We really had fun and had the pleasure of having special guest Finnish drummer Jukkis Uotila behind the drums on the whole tour.

I am working hard these weeks in the recording studio in Copenhagen, recording my new album with my own music. Here is a few words about my new project: Lennart Ginman Trio

Lennart Ginman presents his new trio, which plays a fascinating mix of presentable electronic music and jazz. An imaginative experimental techno that balances between touching minimal romance and smashed brutal soundscapes. Between sublimity and down-to-earth minimalism. Between electronic sequencers and the 200-year-old double bass.

The trio’s cinematic music sounds like the big emotions feel: an unconventional musical cocktail of inner dream noise, bittersweet pop, dark music and escapism. An impromptu musical exploration beyond any hint of genre. But as always in Lennart Ginman’s own music, the melancholy, depraved and romantic ‘sound’ is the ever-present DNA. A DNA that reflects both Ginman’s strong Finnish roots and his Danish upbringing. The tone draws threads to Jan Johansson, Dubstep, Jean Sibelius and Björk.

In addition to Lennart Ginman on double bass and electronics, the trio consists of Maggie Björklund on pedal Steel Guitar and Steen Rock on div. DJ & drum / beat samplers. Björklund and Rock are both distinctly eminent musicians, and both have time and time again enriched and surprised discerning listeners around the world, each with their own unique creative talent and their courage to push the boundaries of music.

The music is newly written for the trio in 2021/22 by Ginman. The compositions give rise to musical ideas, which develop collectively and grow in the music between the 3 musicians – perhaps as a small repetitive and minimalist rhythmic pattern which over time develops into a strongly disturbed, manipulated and abstract soundscape. Subject to the composition’s own logic, the music emerges, can be turned and turned into new sounds and new forms and naturally adds to the series of unknown obviousness. Everywhere a piece of melody can break out of the haze, capture the listener’s attention and carry on the listener’s own inner lyrics and fantasies.

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