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Lennart Ginman (LG) born 1960 is a Danish-Finnish double bassist, composer and producer who, as one of Denmark’s most recognized and respected musicians, has contributed to more than 160 releases.

His impressive CV includes numerous groundbreaking projects and remarkable collaborations with many of Europe’s most important and influential artists. Including Lee Konitz, Johnny Griffin, Doug Raney, Chris Cheek, Harry “Sweets” Edison, Benny Golson, Kenny Werner, Palle Mikkelborg, Cæcilie Norby, GinmanBlachmanDahl, Nikolaj Nørlund and Ginman/Jørgensen. With an expansive overview of genres, LG has thus behaved within both jazz and electronica as well as rock and progressive techno.

LG’s curiosity and musical range have also been duly rewarded – in the form of both a shower of critics’ praises and a large number of prestigious awards, including Grammy statuettes and the Statens Kunstfonds’ 3-year work grant.

Recently, LG has particularly devoted itself to an electronic tonal language with the use of processed double bass, drum machines, filters, FM synthesis and various effects pedals. You have, among other things, could be heard at the concert series ‘GINMAN dream noise’ and the 4 singles broadcast during the corona shutdown 2020-2022 ‘In the Hearts of Men’, ‘Helsinki waltz’, ‘The Singer’ and ‘Until this day’.

The exploration of the electronic and spherical universe hit the world for the first time when LG together with Sort Sol singer Steen Jørgensen created the classic Ginman/Jørgensen. Equally refined and convincing, LG’s music is expressed in the trip-hop-influenced collaboration with the Faroese singer Eivør on the album ‘The Color of Dark’, and in the experimental ensemble The hOpening in collaboration with Maggie Björklund and Jeppe Gram. Their joint album ‘Out of Bristol’ effortlessly and elegantly fuses the free language of jazz with elements of bluesy trip-hop, psychedelia, krautrock and film scores.

LG now adds another new chapter to his extensive career and discography when he releases the album ‘360’ in the fall of 2023. The music is unmistakably Lennart Ginman with its melancholic and cinematic tone in a natural intersection between jazz and electronic music. The record unfolds a new side of LG’s exploratory musicality and not least a collaboration with two of Denmark’s most exciting musicians.

In other words, there are no limits to what Ginman can implement in his expression. With sure feeling, he explores modern songwriting in the intersection between electronic and acoustic textures, and thereby creates deeply personal, dark, evocative and image-creating music.

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