Lennart Ginman is one of the most respected and experienced musicians in Denmark.

The Danish-Finnish bass player, Grammy-awarded composer and producer has adorned his refined and enchanting expertise on a variety of critically acclaimed and prize-winning albums from within a broad spectrum of genres traversing jazz, rock and electronica.

It is within the latter-mentioned sphere that Ginman operates on his latest release; the single ‘In The Hearts Of Men’ which is a masterclass in how great art can be created with just a few tools.The contra bass in this ambient, tonal soundscape forms a space within which one senses the blue echo of Miles Davis and the hypnotic, rhythmic foundation of Trip hop.
As a shining star on a foggy night melodic phrases seem to appear from the spherical tonal landscape.
With exquisite use of diverse effects, the music expounds so it impacts with emotional intensity. The results are nothing less than radiantly beautiful and breathtakingly enticing.

Lennart Ginman comments on the recording:

“This song, ‘In The Hearts Of Men’ has the intention of expressing a human being’s archetypical emotions. The collective and unconscious we share as human beings. From dreams, the subconscious and our common human emotions. An attempt at giving our basic feelings a sound which I can encompass with my music.

When I compose my own music, I operate from one dogma which is “If it doesn’t give me goose bumps, it is discarded” I want to be moved by its essence before I continue. Everything is recorded with my contrabass with a multitude of chain effects which I have experimented with in depth. The point of departure for the song is, in its structure, improvised and which thereafter gradually develops into a composition.

‘In the Hearts of Men’ was released Friday, July 10, 2020.






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