Just got back from Bristol, where we (The hOpening!) spent 7 days in the studio recording our debut album with Jim Barr (Portishead etc) behind the mixer. We recorded 11 tracks and are now ready to start mixing the music. We stayed in an old rebuilt church and enjoyed every moment in Bristol. It was a great and an intense¬†experience being able to concentrate on the music from early morning to late night. I didn’t bring any of my own basses and had the pleasure of playing and recording on the basses that were used on the 3 Portishead albums…..I can’t wait to play the album for you. Really exited¬† to see how the album is received once we get it out.

We also recorded a couple of tracks with GinmanBlachmanDahl for Dali Speakers, that will be released as a part of a compilation the company is doing to show their love for true music. Maybe we end up releasing an entire album in collaboration with Dali Speakers, since they seem to have an honest and genuine love and understanding for the way GinmanBlachmanDahl improvise and creates music together.

My new rehearsal-/recording space in the heart of Copenhagen are still under construction, but I hope it will be ready in Februar. Looking so much forward to be able to work and experiment in my own space…..

When I get back from San Diego early next year I will play concerts in Januar with GinmanBlachmanDahl and Sinne Eeg Quartet.

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