This Corona lock down has been a gift to me. I haven’t had so much time to concentrate on my own music, for many, many years……..

It has given me the chance to dig deeper into my own visions of sound and new possibilities of creating music and videos.

Here is my newest track/video which I have named Helsinki Waltz.

Not long ago we released our new album THE VELVET BLUES with our trio GinmanBlachmanDahl. The album is released by DALI which until now have been known entirely for their worldclass hi-fi speakers. The album has received fantastic 5-star reviews in GAFFA, JazzBlog and Børsen so far. Yihauwww!

These days I’m working on a new track with one of my absolute favourite vocalists Ane Trolle. The first track Ane and I did together was a version of the Nina Simone song Who knows where the time has gone. But our new track is going to be an original song  named Where do we go from here. I’ll let you know as soon as we have it ready.





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