At the moment there is a lot of great things happening: Right now, Alex Krispin (known for his close collaboration with Daniel Lanois) is laying his magic hands on mixing the 11 tracks we recorded in Bristol with The hOpening. We recorded the music with Jim Barr (Portishead etc.) behind the mixer in his studio at Mivart Street in Bristol. We are really excited to see how the album is received once we get it out.

I’m working intensely on my electronic solo set-up, which is built around live-looping, drum machine/sampler and a bunch of weird effects and electronic pedals. Building a World of an almost cinematic soundscape. Dark, slow and not allowed for children….Stefan Pasborg and I are planning to play some double solo concerts together where we will end each night with playing an improvised duo. Maybe even with a surprise guest joying us?

GinmanBlachmanDahl is preparing to play 3 big shows in DK in spring 2019.

As a part of the great jazz vocalist Sinne Eeg’s group we are playing a tour in September/November that will take us to DK, Sweden and Finland.

We have decided to continue our collaboration in Uffe Steen Trio in 2019. We have Adam Nussbaum on drums and we are hitting the clubs in the first 2 weeks of March 2019.




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