Just finished playing concerts with Sinne Eeg Group in Sweden and Denmark.

On thursday I’m launching my new project which I have named GINMAN drømmestøj. It’s electronic music but still with my old double bass in the middle. I will be playing the double bass through a lot of effects, Ableton Live and midi programming. For this experimental new band I have chosen to work with Lars Graugaard (laptop) and Bo rande (trpt/keys). Both are creative souls from beyond and both Lars and Bo have been doing a lot of experimental music and are among the most interesting artists on the scene in 2020. I really love constructing and composing my own world of strange sounds and dreamy landscapes. GINMAN drømmestøj is my newest interpretation of these words…….

The week after I will go on tour with The Hopening and play concerts all over Denmark. I really, really enjoy working with the hOpening, which is an always creative and boundless experience. Furthermore I will only be playing the electric bass (Höfner Senator 1964) on this tour, which is another fact, that almost makes me feel like newborn again. Yihauwwww!

Later this spring we have a new record coming out with GinmanBlachmanDahl. It’s released on DALI which until now only have been known for their worldclass hi-fi speakers. We are playing our release concert in DR Concert Hall in Copenhagen April the 18.






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