Thank you so much to all the people who came out to the concerts during Copenhagen Jazz Festival and Aarhus Jazz Festival 2017.

I played DR KONCERTSAL with Mikkelborg, Lundin, Dahl, Ginman & Blachman  July 10’th and we got 5 star review from Kim Skotte in Politiken and had close to 11.000 listeners in the room.

On July 12’th we played in SKUESPILHUSETS FOYER with our trio The hOpening! and we had Steffen Brandt as our special guest. I simply love playing with that trio, where we are allowed to step outside any genre, and just mix everything up from soft airy acoustic sounds to massive electronic noise.

I played classic quartet jazz with the impressive voice of Sinne Eeg with master pianist Jacob Christophersen and master drummer Morten Lund on July 13th. We had the 500 seats in HAVESELSKABETS HAVE sold out, so people had to stand to hear the music. No rain that night!

I closed my Copenhagen Jazz Festival on July 15’th with playing an electronic solo concert in SANKT MARKUS KIRKE with my gInMaN sOlO –bOx AnD bAsS. The beautiful church was full of highly concentrated listeners, and it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had with music……..The sound, the music, our ears and our hearts were somehow connected and united that afternoon.

I played at Aarhus Jazz Festival at RADAR with The hOpening! + Steffen Brandt on July 20’th. Great night at one of  important new venues in Denmark, which had an impressive Jazz Festival program this year, including one of my biggest inspirations of all time: the German electronic master Jan Jelinek. We ended the night by playing our danish version of I’ll be seeing you with Steffen Brandt’s strong voice carrying his danish translation of the classic song.



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